Montag, 17. August 2009

MeMe Blog Award

Okay this is my first blog entry in english - hmm I hope you understand me and I don't talk too much sh*t... Be nice to me! ;)

The wonderful Lillith tagged me for the MeMe blog award, thank you for that my dear!
Lilly is a person I've met last year in the world wide web and I'm really glad about that. Since this time I talk nearly every day to her and all my questions, problems and good news are on the right position at her, thank you so much for that and all the inspiration you gave me (=
Okay that was my declaration of love to you darling ;)

Now I will nominate 7 other blogs for the MeMe blog award (=
The following blogs are in no particular order!


So that are my nominates for this tag and now I will tell you 7 characteristics about me.

Heat-lover - Why you all don't like heat?! I can't understand that, I love the sun and the temperatures in summer. In winter I can't find enough clothes that I don't have to freeze...

Talk - I love to talk all day long, okay maybe that's because I'm a woman ;)

Laugh - When I don't talk to you I will laugh oneself to tears - I'm a very happy person and everytime cheerful.

Caring - Now I can copy this part from Lilly ;) I care about my friends and family, they all have to be happy with their life and when there are some problems I will be there and help them.
And I love the care bears, they are sooo sweet! I looked them in TV when I was a children.

Purposeful - To accomplish objectives is really important for me. I push myself to be better or to get everything I want.

Shopping - I can shop all day long, I love it to watch the new collections and try everything on.

Cuddly - My boyfriend have to cuddle me every day, I can't live without that. Kissing in the morning, the evening, the night and sleep side to side - that's cause live is beautiful for me!

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